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Q. How can I get access to Notebook videos?

Ans. Getting access to Notebook is really easy! Just subscribe to one of our PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION PLANS and after that just use your mobile number to login. Taking a premium subscription and get unlimited access to all subjects from your class. Notebook videos are made as per your textbook chapters. So you can now study using these short quick videos whever you want.

Q. Who can use Notebook?

Ans. Anyone! That’s right – anyone can use Notebook. If you are interested in learning more about the topics being taught in your school, or need to revise a particular lesson, Notebook is for you. If you are teaching your child or a student in your neighbourhood and need additional material, Notebook is for you too. If you are a teacher and want to add some audio visuals to your lectures, Notebook is here to help.

Q. How can I access Notebook?

Ans. Notebook is available on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. All you need is an internet connection. Even the WiFi at your local café will do! Go to the Notebook app on your Android or Apple phone, or visit the Notebook website from your desktop or laptop computer, log in with your email ID and phone number, and that’s it! You can now access all our content.

Q. Is Notebook for a particular city or area?

Ans. Not at all! As long as you are willing to learn, Notebook is meant for you. Where you stay is not relevant at all. Use Notebook to learn from the safety of your own home, wherever you are!

Q. Where can I get my doubts answered?

Ans. You can reach us using the Contact Us option or share your query with your friends on the Notebook Facebook page – and we will do our best to answer all your doubts in the quickest possible time.

Q. How does Notebook help me?

Ans. Notebook is a platform for self-learning. After attending the lessons in your school, you would still want to know more. This is where Notebook comes in handy. We provide you with visual representation of the texts, which helps you to understand and remember better. In addition, we provide tricks and tips to remember difficult concepts.

Q. Is Notebook helpful for board exams?

Ans. Yes, it helps immensely! Notebook provides you with a repository of Board exam questions and their answers. We have segregated these questions according to topics and subtopics instead of clubbing them all together, which makes it easier for you to study.

Q. Does Notebook cover all questions and answers?

Ans. We have tried to provide an exhaustive bank of curated questions and answers for each topic . However, we seek active feedback and participation from all stakeholders to enrich this further. We are committed to updating our content at regular intervals, in line with Board requirements and in tandem with your feedback.

Q. What if I find any part of the video difficult to understand?

Ans. Every chapter at Notebook is accompanied by notes to help you understand better and faster. If your doubts need further clarification, you can always reach us using the Contact Us page.

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